About Me

Rob Bishop - Bishop AssociatesRob Bishop was born and raised in the South East of England.  He has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, a Certificate in Stress Management, a Primary Certificate in Crisis, Trauma and PTSD Counselling and he trained as a TA Psychotherapist, completing advanced clinical practice training in Transactional Analysis.   Rob spent almost a decade providing support to people with mental health and drug & alcohol issues in the UK before moving to New Zealand in the late 1990’s with his Cantabrian wife.  Since arriving in Christchurch, Rob has used his people and communication skills to offer human resource consulting and recruitment services to a diverse range of people and organisations.   Over the last decade Rob’s experience has included being responsible for managing the regional divisions of two well-known multi-national recruitment and HR providers.  In February 2007 Rob formed Bishop Associates and he still works in this business alongside a cluster of experienced consulting professionals.  Rob has completed his psychotherapy training and is currently building up his supervised practice hours prior to completing a formal CTA exam.

Rob’s background in psychotherapy and psychology and post graduate training in clinical Transactional Analysis leave him well placed to offer high level counselling and therapy support services.

At his core Robs’ interest and passion lies in working with individuals to help them understand themselves and facilitate the realisation of their potential.   Rob believes that a supportive, open, trusting and respectful relationship between therapist and client can help facilitate lasting and meaningful positive change.  Rob is recognised as providing a high level of integrity, professionalism, humour and ethical practice to his methodology and he works closely with his clients to ensure their individual needs are recognised and addressed.